Edutopia: Pow! How Comics in the Classroom Can Combat Bullying

8 10 2011

By Suzie Boss

Edutopia LogoThere’s nothing funny about bullying, but appealing to students’ comic sensibilities might help open discussions about this serious subject. That’s the idea behind the Stop Bullying: Speak Up Comic Challenge. During October, students and teachers can join a nationwide dialogue about bullying prevention that will play out through the engaging medium of comic strips.

Bitstrips for Schools, a popular online platform for using comics in education, is teaming up with the Cartoon Network to launch the comic challenge during Bullying Prevention Month.

“This gives students a creative way to talk about what they can do to respond to bullying,” explains Shahan Panth, co-founder of Bitstrips. “It’s about using their voice, their ideas to resolve situations.”

Each week during the campaign, Bitstrips will release a new comic template that sets up a different situation, such as cyberbullying or cell phone bullying. Students start by using online drawing tools to create their own avatar, which is dropped into the template as the “star” of the strip. Students then respond to the situation by finishing the comic strip with dialogue, new characters, or special effects. Different activities might cast students’ avatars in the role of bystander, victim, or even a bully who has to face the consequences.

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