A Click of the Mouse = A Book for a Kid!

8 11 2011


First Book is an organization that was recently brought to my attention by a Facebook friend. The organization aims to do something that is very close to my own heart: Encourage children to read by putting book in their hands.

As the main page of the First Book website states, “The majority of low-income families do not have a single book for their children.” I was fortunate enough to live in a household where reading was encouraged, and we made regu

lar weekly trips to the public library so that we always had fresh reading material on hand. Many kids just aren’t that fortunate.

Thanks to help from Random House Children’s Books, First Book is giving away a book to a needy child for each new follower they gain on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler. As they  say it, “A Click of the Mouse = A Book to a Kid!” Says Rochee Jeffrey on the First Book Blog:

“If you grew up with books of your own at home, you know what a powerful impact they had on your life. But kids from low-income families typically have no books of their own at home, and few, if any, in their classrooms. You can imagine the impact THAT has.

“But today, and for the rest of this week, you can do something about it.

“Our friends at Random House Children’s Bookshave generously agreed to donate one brand-new book for each new follower we gain on TumblrFacebook, and Twitter this week. Those books will go to thousands of schools and programs serving kids from low-income families across the country.

“Help us spread the word! Tell your friends on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter to follow First Book and you’ll  help get books to kids who need them.”

So, help ’em out! To date, First Book has donated over 85 million books to needy children, and give away around 35,000 books a day. That’s something that everyone should be able to get behind, and all it takes is a click!




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