HuffPo: Arizona Principal Caught On Tape In Make-Out Session With Assistant, Secret Video Prompts Dismissal

29 04 2012

The Huffington Post  |  By 

The Scholars Academy Principal Steve McClenning and assistant Billie Madewell have both lost their jobs after the two were caught passionately making out on video,KTVK-TV reports.

According to the station, the video was taken on the cellphone of 16-year-old Myranda Garber at the Quartzsite, Ariz. school. A school board member also confirmed to KTVK that the principal resigned from his position, while the secretary was fired.

Local residents say that McClenning and Madewell are married to other people, but parents are mostly upset because the make-out and groping session took place on school grounds, during school hours, KNXV-TV reports.

The incident comes at a bad time for the school, which is not getting its charter status renewed. While the academy is appealing the decision to the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools, many fear the town will not have a school next year, and many of the students feel betrayed.

“It’s just a smack in the face as far as I’m concerned,” student Joseph Hager told KNXV-TV.

(Full Story with Video)



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