Video purportedly shows NYC student making out with his teacher

2 06 2012
This is a pretty sad story, any way you look at it. If the teacher is guilty of an inappropriate relationship with a student, she’s done. Period. And rightly so. If she’s innocent — as she says, and as the student she’s accused of kissing says — then I find it even more depressing. Not only is it completely reprehensible to drag someone through the mud over a false accusation, but it’s also a slap in the face to all the people who have truly been victimized by predatory authority figures.
I could be completely wrong, but my gut tells me that she’s innocent. I think the actions of the students who created a betting pool around hooking up with a teacher have established them to be total sleezebags, and that doesn’t give them a lot of credibility with me.
– dEV
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By Becky Bratu,

A New York high school senior allegedly won a bet with four friends to see who could hook up first with their 26-year-old global studies teacher, the New York Post reported.

A video recorded Friday by a Manhattan Theatre Lab High School pupil shows fellow student Eric Arty, 18, kissing a woman on a park bench in lower Manhattan.

Arty denied to the Post that the woman he is seen with at Bleecker Playground in Greenwich Village is teacher Julie Warning.

“Yeah, that’s me. I’m kissing a girl,” Arty told the newspaper when confronted with the photo. “That’s not my teacher that I’m kissing in the picture. It’s just a girl I know.”

Arty refused to say who the woman was.

The teacher also denied the involvement, telling the Post: “He is my student, but I’ve never had a relationship with him or any of my students. That is inappropriate. I think that this is a misunderstanding.”

A spokesperson for the city’s school district confirmed to the incident was being looked at.

Laurel Wright-Hinckson, public information officer for the Special Commissioner of Investigation for the New York City School District, told an investigation had just been started, and would take at least a couple of months to complete.

The student who filmed the two kissing said Warning is “the most appealing teacher in the school.”

“She always wore nice skirts, and she had appealing tattoos all over her body,” he told the Post.

Arty and four of his friends each contributed $100 to a pool, the newspaper said. The first to win Warning’s affection would win the cash.

Some students told the Post that Warning tried to resist the teenagers’ flirtations at first.

“She would try to avoid it because she was [Arty’s] teacher,” a student told the paper. “She was a nice teacher and didn’t want to report him, and she would throw him and his friends out of class for trying to flirt with her,” the student said.

According to the Post, Warning was reassigned on Tuesday to an administrative position at the school, which is north of Manhattan’s Lincoln Center.

A Department of Education spokesperson told Warning didn’t report to her new desk job Wednesday.

It wasn’t clear whether Warning reported for her reassignment on Thursday.

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3 06 2012
dysfunctional literacy

I had heard about this but didn’t know her last name was Warning. There are probably a lot of bad jokes to be made with a last name like that.

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