The Teacher Report: 8 Helpful Tech Tools for the Common Core

19 08 2012
Thanks to my friend Tony for this great resource. As we move to adapting Common Core standards, it’s nice to have as many resources as possible to help implement them on the classroom level!
– dEV
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by WAT Staff WATstaff 2 weeks ago

Teacher Report_8-7.jpgWhile the implementation of the Common Core State Standards means a lot of work and transition ahead, the good thing about shared benchmarks across 45 states is that you can now share resources, ideas and lessons with a colleague across the hall—or across the country. With that in mind, we asked our Facebook fans for their favorite online tools that are making the transition a little easier.

1. Pinterest. Teacher Vicki Lynn recommends the resource-sharing site as a one-stop shop for finding Common Core-related lessons, charts and rubrics. We’ve pinned lots of Common Core ideas on the WeAreTeachers page.

2. Individual State Resources. “The Utah Education Network really helped me to understand the transition,” says teacher Debi Barnett. Cindy Norris similarly finds the Kansas Association of Teachers of Mathematics helpful, and Michelle Freeland says is an invaluable tool. Check your state DOE for similar links.

3. The Organized Classroom. “I love this blog,” says teacher Susan Maxwell Wenar. “It’s awesome for Common Core resources!” We think it’s pretty great, too—don’t miss the grade-by-grade packs of information.

4. K–5 Math Teaching Resources. Teacher Jennifer Lubin casts her vote for this comprehensive site listing free Common Core resources, games and activities for the elementary math classroom.

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