The Dollar Redesign Project

31 08 2012

This is a pretty cool project for people interested in art and design. The Dollar ReDe$ign Project asked people to submit their ideas for completely designing U.S. currency…

“The Dollar ReDe$ign Project hopes to bring about change for everyone. We want to rebrand the US Dollar, rebuild financial confidence and revive our failing economy.”

There are some really neat and cool looking designs, and I particularly like some of the innovations such as different size bills for different denominations, and  a switch to a vertical design based on how we actually carry and use money. A lot of these just look plain cool, and some are pretty humorous. And, well, some are just ugly.

Still, if I were teaching an art or design class, or maybe even economics, I think this is a project that I would assign. The site’s worth checking out. Below are some of my favorites…

– dEV

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