Making Announcements Worth Listening To

10 09 2012

Showing a little love to the kids at Rafer Johnson Junior High and my buddy Perkins…

I was fortunate to finish out the year at Rafer last year, and loved every minute. Mrs. Perkins is a bit of a kindred spirit, in that she likes to try out new stuff and take risks with her teaching. This year, she’s teaching a class in Media Production, and her class wants to do some quality student-produced video production stuff for morning announcements.

But they need some equipment to do it effectively! She’s looking for funds to purchase a camcorder, tripod, and carrying case. They even have an anonymous donor who will match what they raise! Check out the details below, and throw a couple bucks their way if you have the means!

– dEV

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Making Announcements Worth Listening To

Classroom project requested by Mrs. Perkins on Jun 16, 2012

Classroom Photo

My Students: Do you remember the morning announcements when you were in school? They were about as meaningful as the noise made by the teacher in Charlie Brown cartoons. We are on a mission to make announcements worth listening to.

These students live in a small farming community rich in tradition. Many of their families have lived in this town for generations, yet there are some newcomers as well. For the most part, these students are torn between their desire to be treated like grown ups and their need to play like kids. Our school provides many opportunities through elective choices and extra-curricular activities that are offered less and less at other schools as budget cuts create increasing pressure on budgets. Students are able to take classes such as wood shop, home economics, and leadership to name a few. They are also able to participate in sports, drama, and intramural activities. These are all fun opportunities for students that they need to be kept informed about.

My Project: I am requesting a video camcorder, tripod and carrying case so that my Media Production class can use them to tape the morning announcements in the style of a news broadcast. This project will be designed, created, and produced exclusively by the students. I will only provide them with technical knowledge and advice. They will be able to create a meaningful production for the entire campus that is entirely their own. It will be something they can be proud of.

This project will give students a new sense of ownership of and interest in their campus. By using the camcorder with tripod and case, students will be able to create a news broadcast for morning announcements that will be meaningful and make an impact for all students at our school.

My students need a nearly-professional camera, with carrying case and tripod so that they can film morning announcements.

(Donate Here)



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