YouTube: How English sounds to non-English speakers

13 09 2012

I should warn that this video has a couple of mild potty-mouth sounding words in it, so you might want to classify it as NSFW. Put on some headphones, or wait to watch until you’re not around people who are easily offended by language.

I live in California, and every school I’ve ever worked at has had a large population of English Language Learners. It’s often hard to relate to students who have little to no English, and one can become easily frustrated when trying to communicate — let alone teach — when the student is new to the language.

This video reminded me of what I try to do when I’m starting to become frustrated, or having trouble empathizing with my EL students. Put yourself in their shoes. They’re far more frustrated than you’ll ever be, and all of your words sound alien — and in some cases even funny — to them.

This video shows what English sounds like to them. It’s pretty funny, but carries a good reminder that English isn’t the only language on the planet.

– dEV





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