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15 09 2012

I’m a little late on this one, but I appreciate Sue sending me the link. is a site where teachers can posts lists of supplies their students will need for the year, as well as a “wish list” of stuff they’d like to have for their classroom. Parents can print this out and do their back to school shopping, while also helping the teacher earn rewards for their class.

Here’s the info from the web site: is revolutionizing – yes, seriously, revolutionizing – the old-fashioned school supply lists and teacher wish lists that have been circulating around schools for decades. Whether it’s parents frantically searching for the right supplies (or the tattered list) on the night before school begins or teachers wishing and hoping (and praying!) for the extra supplies they need for a thriving and effective classroom, is here to help.

It’s simple really – one site where all parents and all teachers can connect around all lists. That’s it.

No more teachers scrambling to create their lists or get them to parents – that’s way easier with No more parents jumping from one district site to another trying to find the right list for each of their three children. It’s all here. It’s all easier.

And – oh, yeah – we’ve got rewards for schools and free samples for teachers and discounts for parents to make it all even better. is the latest parent-to-teacher and parent-to-school connection from the folks at School Family Media, the company behind PTO Today (the magazine and site for school PTO and PTA leaders), (insight for school families), the School Family Nights® program and more.

Launched with amazing support from our founding partner (and National Presenting Partner), Bounty, the site now has support from a host of leading brands including Elmer’s, Puffs, Avery-Dennison and Mr. Clean. Each of our partners is committed to helping teachers and parents and schools serve children well.

Check out the site to learn more. I know that school has already started for most of us, but there still might be some opportunities to earn rewards and get free stuff! Check it out!

– dEV




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