75 Kid Activities

3 10 2012

My head nearly exploded when I saw this blog post. If you have small children (or teach them), you should definitely check these out. A lot are perfect for my three-and-a-half year old, and I could see most of them being fun for any child from her age up to mid-elementary. I could also see using some of these in the classroom, actually!

And you should definitely check out the other great ideas that Linds has for staying busy at her blog, That’s So Cuegly.

– dEV

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75 Kid Activities 

In June, after my little brother’s wedding, it hit me that it was summer and I knew we had to make the most of it. I sat down with my kids and we made a LOOOONG list of 75 things to do before the summer was up. (granted, some of these are still INDOOR activities).And THANK HEAVEN’S for Pinterest, so that my searching for activities was made easy! (I took most the pictures, tho a few I googled because I just forgot to take any while we were playing. But we are OFFICIALLY DONE with our LIST! And I wanted to share some easy fun ideas! Our favorite activities we did multiple times.

1: Glow sticks in the bathtub. (I had to cover the window with a blanket).

2: Writing your ABC’s with licorice strings. (A fav)
3: Photo shoot. Any mom can have a photo shoot with their children.
4: Cloud watching. I had to make two. And it teaches your kids the correct name of the cloud.
5: Fossil Digger. They have dino bones at the Dollar Tree. Burry them, and get your paint brushes ready to dust away dirt.
6: Sponge Finger painting. Cut and soak up ANY sponge. I used makeup sponges I already had.
8: Make a book + illustrations. I folded it and got it ready. They started writing/drawing.

9:Balloon tennis. We got free paint stick stirrers at Walmart and used our ‘personality balloons’ found below.




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10 10 2012
Judith Ann Mcdermott

Much informative and useful article… I like it personally…

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