Pimp out your lessons with Flocabulary!

11 10 2012

Okay, I’ve got to be honest. This looks pretty hilarious… but it could actually work! After all, my generation learned more from Schoolhouse Rock than we did from our 4th grade teachers. And if you remember your Gardner’s Intelligences from college, many people learn best musically or audio/visually.

So, what is Flocabulary? Well, it’s a subscription based site filled with songs and music videos to help teach kids about any number of subjects. Math, history, science, grammar? It’s all there, and in a contemporary hip-hop style! And I’m not gonna lie, some of them are pretty catchy!

There’s a free trial, and I’m going to give it a try. Some more information from the Flocabulary website follows.

– dEV

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What is Flocabulary?

Flocabulary is an online learning platform that delivers educational hip-hop songs and videos to students in grades K-12. Founded in 2004, Flocabulary is now used in over 15,000 schools and reaches a weekly audience of 5 million students. Our mission is to motivate kids and help them reach their full academic potential, not only by raising test scores but by fostering a love of learning in every child.

Hundreds of Songs + Videos

A subscription to Flocabulary gives you access to hundreds of songs and videos in all subjects for K-12. New content is added each week. See the subjects we cover.

Proven to Raise Scores

It’s fun. Even better: It works. Flocabulary is proven to raise scores on state reading tests, increase vocabulary proficiency in schools, and boost achievement in afterschool settings. See our research and results.


Flocabulary’s songs, videos and lessons are aligned to common core standards for both ELA and Math. Our lesson sequence builds readiness for college and careers through rigorous, multisensory practice. Furthermore, students develop their literacy skills while working in all subject areas. See our common core alignment.

Flexible and Easy to Use

How simple is the program? Visit flocabulary.com and press play. At school, afterschool or at home, all you need is an internet connection. You can project Flocabulary on a whiteboard to watch videos together as a class, or have students work through interactive lyrics and activities on a personal computer. Printable activities and tests make it easy to measure progress. Our songs, videos and activities work on iPads and smartphones, too. Take a tour of Flocabulary features and learn more about how to use Flocabulary in your classroom.

A Robust Vocabulary Program and More

Your subscription to Flocabulary includes The Word Up Project, our award-winning vocabulary and reading program. Boost your students scores by teaching them interdisciplinary words taken from high-stakes tests.Students in grades 2 – 8 learn crucial Tier 2 words through direct vocabulary instruction: each song teaches 10 – 15 words, and includes a sequence of activities to reinforce word ownership. Experience a Word Up unit now.

Affordable for Teachers and Schools

Whether you’re bringing Flocabulary to your school, classroom or home, our customized plans make engagement affordable. See plans and pricing now.




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