TODAY: Are Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang too mean for today’s kids? Good grief!

24 10 2012

Is there a difference between teasing and bullying? Are the pranks and name-calling that he constantly endures a bad example for kids? When I read stories like this, I think we may be taking things a little too far. It does raise some interesting questions about where the line is, and if the things that we enjoy watching with our kids are maybe not as wholesome as we think they are.

As for me, I’ll be watching ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ with my kids this Halloween. How about you?
– dEV


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Are Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang too mean for today’s kids? Good grief!

By Dana Macario

As Halloween nears, many families will gather around the old television set for the annual viewing of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” But, one dad says it’s time to retire the classic cartoon because of its taunting messages and unkind words.

“The show is riddled with the kids calling each other stupid, dumb, and blockheads. There is continous teasing and bullying. Charlie Brown is supposed to be the hero, instead he is kicked and demeaned at every turn, even by the adults giving out candy,” Buzz Bishop, otherwise known as DadCamp, wrote at recently.

Bishop argues that apart from a sense of nostalgia for parents, the Charlie Brown specials have nothing of value to offer today’s kids. He finds the shows’ acceptance of schoolyard teasing to be antiquated. And, as the father of young kids, he finds the constant use of words like “stupid” “dumb” and “blockhead” to be a bad message for those little ears. “Charlie Brown is always an outsider, the cool kids continue to play tricks, and nobody is ever held to account. In an era of hashtags like #RIPAmandaTodd, these types of attitudes are no longer appropriate,” Bishop wrote.

As the gang goes trick-or-treating, Charlie Brown is repeatedly given a rock while the other children are given treats. Bishop points to this as evidence that even the adults are in on the bullying. Of course, since Charlie Brown is wearing a costume, it could be argued that the adults aren’t intentionally singling the poor kid out.

Throughout life, most of us have times when we feel like everyone else is getting treats (or bags full of candy, if you will), while we get nothing but a sack of rocks. Maybe it’s helpful and reassuring for kids to know that everyone else has those “sucks to be me” moments once in a while. Admittedly, old Charlie Brown seems to have more than his fair share.

Although Bishop believes it’s time for a new era in children’s programming, not everyone is on board.




One response

25 10 2012

This type of jerk is what is wrong with this country. This is most likely one of those pretentious yuppies that should worry about a clean toilet seat when he sits down to pee then Charlie Brown. While I am not really a Peanuts fan, Brown has been around forever. I’m sure this jerkoff watches star search and those other worthless shows like that. What about when all the yuppie judges call all the yuppie singers losers? I say gag this moron

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