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29 10 2012

From Neil Gaiman’s website


Posted by Neil at 3:29 AM

“What kind of story would you like me to tell you?”

I was on the phone on Friday afternoon, in the car on the way to the airport, with the folk from They had the idea of doing something really, really fun for Hallowe’en, as an All Hallows Read celebration, something from Audible and from me to the world.

Perhaps, they suggested, I could read a story, and they would put it up for free. Would I like to do a classic horror story?

No, I said. I’d like to read a story I’d written recently, that I’d read at the George Mason Award evening, a story that had scared people.

Even better, they said.

I asked if they could make a “Pay what you want” button that would go to charity. They looked into it, said no, they weren’t set up to do that…

…but for every time a new person downloaded the story they would make a donation to charity. So if we reached a hundred thousand downloads by Hallowe’en, Audible would donate a hundred thousand dollars to the charity of my choice…

And got in on the act as well. They’ll make their own donations to a UK charity.

I got on the plane. I flew to London. As soon as the recording studios were open on Monday, I went into a studio in Wardour Street and recorded my story (and another extra bonus story that we’ll put out as a mad gift if enough people download the first one). The Audible people have worked through the nights to get everything together for the roll-out.

Usually there’s a little bit longer time between having the idea and getting it out for sale than a week…

We chose our charities with pride and with care: we picked Donors Choose — *  –for the US; we picked Booktrust  – ** — as our charity for the UK.

So. That’s preamble.

Go and download the story NOW. Please.

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