I need this tattoo.

12 05 2013

Well, not really. But this guy is pretty hardcore.


This pun is a real Scream.

7 05 2013


Life also has more shades of grey.

21 04 2013


Should I regret buying these for my daughter?

7 03 2013


A Very Disarming Comment…

6 02 2013


TODAY: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s his 94-year-old grandma

21 11 2012
By Dana Macario, TODAY contributor
Meet Mamika. She may not be faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive, but this grandma is definitely a superhero. Frederika Goldberger, a sprightly 94-year-old French woman, may look like a little old lady, but just wait until you meet her alter ego, a super senior citizen who goes by the moniker Mamika.

When Frederika retired in her early 80s, retirement left her bored and a bit unhappy. As Fast Company reported, her doting grandson, Sacha Goldberger, began photographing her to help cheer her up and keep her active. After a couple of years, Mamika the superhero was born.

Sacha Goldberger

“I always loved comics and I wanted to show what could happen to the superheroes when they are old,” Sacha Goldberger told TODAY.com. “Superman and Wonder Woman, they’re all young. I wondered what they would be like when they got older.”

Besides, Goldberger’s grandmother really is a hero — a very human hero. Originally from Budapest, Hungary, Frederika was a baroness, born into a wealthy Jewish family. When World War II erupted, she was forced into hiding. She and her husband risked their lives to help hide others as well. By the end of the war, she had saved 10 people from the Nazis. After the war, she left Hungary and emigrated to France where she raised her family.

These days, she’s modeling and working with her grandson on the Mamika projects. She regularly contributes ideas for the photo shoots and enjoys interacting with all of the stylists and assistants who are on scene.

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A Letter from a Scared Actress.

17 09 2012

At first glance this might appear to be a politically motivated post, but it’s really not. It’s a tragic story of someone being used. I feel really bad for this woman who thought she was just acting in an independent film, only to find her lines overdubbed and the story completely changed. And now she’s swept up in a international controversy that has resulted in violence throughout the middle east. Again, totally sad.

I respect Neil Gaiman for giving her a venue to tell her side of the story. Here’s a portion of Neil’s post, which you can read in its entirety here.

– dEV

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A Letter from a Scared Actress.


A few years ago, a message came in to this website on the FAQ line from a young actress from Georgia (the one from the former USSR, not the State with Atlanta in it) called Anna Gurji. She sent a link to her webpage and to films she had made in Georgia, and told me she was a fan, and if she ever came to the US, she would want to be in something of mine.

She made it to the US, and although she has never been in something of mine, she read the female lead (with Wil Wheaton as the male lead) in the first read-through of Michael Reaves’ film BLOOD KISS. I was not there as a writer. I was there because I will actually act in it, playing a Hollywood director with a dark secret. So I’ve acted with Anna and spent time with her. She’s a good sort.

She wrote to me the other day, worried.

She said,

Something very bad happened. I desperately need everyone’s help right now.
I don’t know how to start writing this letter. It’s crazy, the world is.. life.. I’m so shattered right now, I don’t know.. I feel very dead inside.
Last summer I auditioned for an indie low budget feature movie and I landed a supporting role. The movie was about a comet falling into a desert and ancient tribes fighting over it for they thought that the comet had some magical powers.
A year later, the movie was dubbed (without the actors’ permission), the lines were changed drastically and the movie was morphed into an Anti-Islam film. Even the names of the characters were changed. And the character I had scenes with GEORGE became MUHAMMAD.
I really need your advice right now? How can I have my voice shown to the world so that I can tell them the real story.
All these media people that keep calling me are using my real story and then chopping or manipulating the interview the way they want to.
I don’t know what to do. It’s very scary, Neil.
I told her to write her story for me, to say what she wanted, and I would put it up here for her, as she wrote it, to get her message to the world. The best weapon against lies is the truth, after all.

The Dollar Redesign Project

31 08 2012

This is a pretty cool project for people interested in art and design. The Dollar ReDe$ign Project asked people to submit their ideas for completely designing U.S. currency…

“The Dollar ReDe$ign Project hopes to bring about change for everyone. We want to rebrand the US Dollar, rebuild financial confidence and revive our failing economy.”

There are some really neat and cool looking designs, and I particularly like some of the innovations such as different size bills for different denominations, and  a switch to a vertical design based on how we actually carry and use money. A lot of these just look plain cool, and some are pretty humorous. And, well, some are just ugly.

Still, if I were teaching an art or design class, or maybe even economics, I think this is a project that I would assign. The site’s worth checking out. Below are some of my favorites…

– dEV

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HuffPo: Karl Kesel, Marvel Comics Writer, Sells Comic Book Collection For Adoption Of Baby With Heroin Exposure

26 08 2012

Posted: 08/26/2012 3:03 pm Updated: 08/26/2012 3:07 pm

For 40 years Karl Kesel has been collecting comic books. Now, the well-known DC and Marvel Comics writer/inker, is selling everything to embrace the next chapter in his life — fatherhood.

The Oregonian reports that Kesel is selling his collection in order to pay for the fees and medical bills that came along with the adoption of a 15-week-old baby who was born addicted to heroin.

Isaac, the baby adopted by Karl and his wife Myrna, spent the first five weeks of his life in withdrawal from heroin and methadone. His medical bills total $67,000, in addition to the $25,000 cost of the adoption itself. The couple isn’t sure how much of his staggering medical costs will be covered by Myrna’s insurance, according to this video by Blastoffcomics.com.

The Kesels are older pKarl Kesel Sells Comicsarents. Karl is 53, according to the Oregonian, and the decision to adopt a baby exposed to drugs in the womb came after two years of waiting to be picked for adoption.

The couple spent the first three weeks of the baby’s life by his side at Portland Providence Medical Center — Isaac was suffering from painful withdrawal symptoms.

“We pretty much held Isaac all the time,” Myrna told the Oregonian. “What calmed him the most was to be held.”

But to defray costs, Karl has to sell the comics he’s collected since he was a child. “It’s so touching to me that he’s willing to sacrifice something he loves so much to help us have a family,” Myrna says.

Though Karl is more than willing to sell his collection, others don’t want to see him part with it. Reddit user Razorsheldon read about the Kesels’ story and has launched a fundraising campaign.

“Why not start a fundraising campaign to buy as many of his comics as we could so we could give them right back to him? I have no lofty expectations for this endeavor, but I thought even purchasing one comic would send the right message that there are people out there that are grateful that people like Karl and his wife Myrna exist to make this world a better place,” he wrote.

Razorsheldon has set up a fundraiser for the Kesels on Crowdtilt, with the goal of reaching $5,000 in the next five days.

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FAILBlog: Is that from ‘The Odyssey?’

9 08 2012