He never just clicks ‘install.’

20 05 2013


If ‘Lord of the Rings’ took place today…

9 04 2013


Gandalf’s Road Construction Says…

21 02 2013


Gandalf Problem Solving

26 01 2013



18 09 2012

Top 10 Most Read Books in the World

29 05 2012

Not sure why FAILBlog posted this one… unless it’s for the appearance of the Twilight Saga in the top ten. It’s all the more interesting when you realize that the zero line is actually halfway up the graph. It’s also a little unfair to include the aforementioned Twilight, the Harry Potter series, and the Lord of the Rings novels, since they’re all multiple installments rather than an individual book, as is the case with The Da Vinci Code or Gone With the Wind. Still, it goes to show what a phenomenon some of these recent titles have been. And they say nobody reads anymore!

– dEV


FAILBlog: I Want This Stamp.

9 04 2012