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8 04 2013



Fresh water and haiku. What do these have in common?

10 08 2012

I wanted to take the time to help out my friend Ryan McRae, who is currently working in Afghanistan as a civilian training military personnel. His fortieth birthday is coming up, and rather than ask for gifts or care packages, he wants to do something really cool.

He wants to raise $2500 for an organization called charity:water. Proceeds go to bringing clean, sustainable water to parts of Africa where it would otherwise be unavailable. Not only does this help stem the tide of disease, but changes an entire way of life for the better.

Every dollar helps, and Ryan is providing a little extra incentive. If you donate $25, he will personally write you a haiku, and send it to you all the way from Afghanistan.

Ryan’s as supportive a friend as you could ask for, and it was he who inspired me to start this blog. I’d love to see this succeed for him.

His original post is below…

– dEV

#     #     #

Apparently people liked the haikus. Who knew? So I was thinking about charity:water and my site about giving up my 40th birthday and care packages. And I’m going to do something a bit off-kilter and make a deal.

If you donate at least $25 to my charity:water deal, I’ll send you a postcard from Afghanistan with your own, unique haiku. I won’t copy it and I won’t send the same one to someone else. (If you want it about a certain topic, let me know. Otherwise, it’s Afghanistan, baby.)

I’m looking to raise about $2,500. That’s a little less than 90 postcards with the recent donations.

Here’s the deal:

With $25 you get: a personalized Afghanistan haiku from yours truly. And the knowledge that you are making a difference in Africa. You are getting people water—and changing generations.

With $45 you get: get TWO postcards. Just let me know where to send them. One a topic of your choice and the other one about Afghanistan.

Now if you donate more than $100, we can figure something out. Maybe I’ll take a picture with my gear and a thank you sign. (I’d love to send you a video, but the internet here is just above dial-up. ) But you will have my gratitude.

If you donate $500, I will have to dream big to make up for it. You will have my unending appreciation. And a postcard AT LEAST! I can send you shirts or do a presentation for anyone you want on Afghanistan or whatever topic I have some expertise in! I just have to be in your area (Chicago, Southern California, or Boston).

After you donate: send me an email at with your address and your topic.

This deal only lasts August 11th and then I pull the plug on this post, pronto. So if you are indecisive, don’t be! Get on it!

GO HERE! Make a difference! Thanks!

So PLEASE, I BEG THEE! Share this! Tweet this! Implore your neighbors and sing it from the rooftops!