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6 06 2013

Father of the Year

7 02 2013


TODAY: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s his 94-year-old grandma

21 11 2012
By Dana Macario, TODAY contributor
Meet Mamika. She may not be faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive, but this grandma is definitely a superhero. Frederika Goldberger, a sprightly 94-year-old French woman, may look like a little old lady, but just wait until you meet her alter ego, a super senior citizen who goes by the moniker Mamika.

When Frederika retired in her early 80s, retirement left her bored and a bit unhappy. As Fast Company reported, her doting grandson, Sacha Goldberger, began photographing her to help cheer her up and keep her active. After a couple of years, Mamika the superhero was born.

Sacha Goldberger

“I always loved comics and I wanted to show what could happen to the superheroes when they are old,” Sacha Goldberger told “Superman and Wonder Woman, they’re all young. I wondered what they would be like when they got older.”

Besides, Goldberger’s grandmother really is a hero — a very human hero. Originally from Budapest, Hungary, Frederika was a baroness, born into a wealthy Jewish family. When World War II erupted, she was forced into hiding. She and her husband risked their lives to help hide others as well. By the end of the war, she had saved 10 people from the Nazis. After the war, she left Hungary and emigrated to France where she raised her family.

These days, she’s modeling and working with her grandson on the Mamika projects. She regularly contributes ideas for the photo shoots and enjoys interacting with all of the stylists and assistants who are on scene.

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BleedingCool: Retailer, Artists Help Victims of Domestic Violence

29 09 2012


Retailer, Artists Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Written on September 27, 2012 by  in Comics

Do-gooders don’t always wear flashy costumes, brand catchy names or have special powers. But, retailers like Comic Fusion are doing their part to help lives, nonetheless.

Hosting their sixth annual “Super Hero Weekend,” October 6-7th, Comic Fusion will be raising money for SAFE in Hunterdon, New Jersey, a non-profit organization providing services to victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

Comic Fusion’s online auction, featuring over 30 superhero sketches, began last week and ends Saturday night, October 6th.  The bidding continues live at Comic Fusion in Flemington on Sunday, October 7th.

Artists contributing sketches for the online auction include:

  • Jamal Igle: DC Comic’s top veteran from Supergirl, Superman, Firestorm and Zatanna and Action Lab Entertainment’s upcoming all-ages book Molly Danger
  • Jim Calafiore: Awesome artist of Secret Six, Gotham Underground and the up-coming Leaving Megalopolis
  • Mike Deodato, Jr.: Hot artist of Amazing Spider-Man, Wonder Woman and X-Men
  • Dave Wachter: Eisner and Harvey nominated artist of Guns of Shadow Valley and That Hellbound Train
  • Charles Wilson III: Independent breakout artist on The Stuff of Legends
  • Ken Haeser: Dynamite creator of The Living Corpse, now a major animation feature film

On Saturday, Comic Fusion will host several guest artists including Jim Calafiore (Secret Six) and Jamal Igle (Supergirl).

On Sunday, the shop hosts Ken Haeser  and Buz Hasson (The Living Corpse), Charles Wilson III (Stuff of Legend) and Chris Flick (Capes and Babes) in addition to other artists.

Visitors are encouraged to have their cameras ready to meet favorite superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash along with Star Wars characters from the 501st and the Rebel Legion. Comic Fusion will also be featuring Gotham City Custom Cars in front of the store on Main Street. Grownups and kids alike will get to sit in these vehicles for photo ops for small donations.

Find more information and bid online for your favorite items by visiting and click on the Wonder Woman Day button. To donate directly, visit or call 908-788-7666.

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