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20 04 2013


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6 03 2013


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25 01 2013

735130_10151663761060558_1256105448_nThanks to Erin for finding this one!

Inconvenius is my favorite Roman Emperor

5 01 2013


NBC News: Oops! Typo takes the ‘L’ out of ‘public’ in charter schools ad

13 12 2012
NBC News LogoBy NBC News staff and affiliates

There are some words that auto-correct or spell-checkers just don’t catch. They might be spelled right, but mean something oh-so-wrong in the context. And this one proved an embarrassment for a charter school organization in Washington state.

An advertisement that ran in the Sunday and Monday editions of The News Tribune in Tacoma left out a single letter in quite the unfortunate spot, NBC station KING of Seattle reported.

“Are you interested in Pubic Charter Schools?” the ad mistakenly read.



“This was our mistake,” Jim Spady, a spokesperson for the Washington Charter School Resource Center, told KING. The center wrote the newspaper ad, which was supposed to publicize an upcoming conference.

The News Tribune also reportedly did not notice that “public” was misspelled.

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